Baby Bop

0-16 Months

(for non-walkers)

Family Jam

Ages 0 -5

Little Maestros

Ages 3 - 4.5

Wiggles & Giggles

14 - 26 Months

(for early walkers and talkers)

Simply put, children love music. Music touches all spheres of child development. Language and literacy development, pattern recognition skills - the basis for mathematical learning- as well as social and emotional growth are all positively impacted by being involved in music.

By focusing their natural inclination, Growing With Music (by way of the Musikgarten curriculum) helps young children develop a love of music and the skills to play it, and provides an incredible bonding experience for parents and their children, through a series of activity-filled age-appropriate lessons. Each activity is carefully selected to foster your child's mental, physical, social, and emotional development through the fun of music and movement. 

Your child isn't too young to start learning the Musikgarten way! In fact, Musikgarten has music classes for babies, toddlers and a variety of music classes for preschoolers. Wouldn't you want your child to have the Musikgarten advantage?

These classes are available year-round. Adult participation is required.

Wunderkeys Piano for Preschoolers

Ages 4 - 5

Music Makers: Piano Primer

Ages 5 - 6

Movers & Shakers

Ages 2 - 3.5