$11/class for full-semester registrations; $12/class for drop-ins.

*Families registering more than one child will receive a discount.

Fall 2019
September 23 - December 14

Tuesdays at 6:15 pm (with Miss Tracy)
Thursdays at 10:15 am (with Miss Tracy)
For children ages 2 – 3½
30 minutes weekly.  Caregiver participation is required.

Toddlers are always moving!  In fact movement is not only your toddler’s favorite skill, it is your toddler’s most effective way to learn.  Although children eventually have to learn to “sit still and listen” they cannot do it yet, and engaging them in purposeful movement activities is the perfect preparation for this all-important skill. 

 In Movers & Shakers, we will delight in the endless energy of your children, their joy in bouncing, rocking, and dancing with you, and in seeing them develop in this wonderful, musical environment!    We will also celebrate their joy in exploring the world around them by introducing them to a wider array of instruments, activities, and experiences that will live on in their minds forever.

Movers & Shakers