Fall 2019
September 23 - December 14

Thursdays at 11:00 am (with Miss Tracy)
For children ages 4 – 5
45 minutes weekly.  Caregiver participation is not required.
Music Makers: Maestros, which is a continuation of our Little Maestros curriculum, is the next step in helping the children become functioning musicians, finding joy in music, learning to improvise, write and read music, and- eventually- learning to play the piano.  In this class, we will use the children’s vivid imaginations, up-and-coming gracefulness, developing singing voices, pattern proficiency, and listening skills to fine-tune their music making skills. 

 Children will delight in reading and writing musical patterns, playing both pitched and unpitched instruments, moving with growing expression, refining finger control for instrument playing, learning complex dances, and participating in imaginative play. 

Music Makers: Maestros


$11/class for full-semester registrations; $12/class for drop-ins.

*Families registering more than one child will receive a discount.